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Cast Iron Piston Made In China

The piston is a key part of engine. It consists of piston rings, piston pin, and connecting rod. The shapes of pistons include disc shaped and cylindrical.

The primary mission of piston is passed the pressure of combustion gases to the crankshaft. Make the crankshaft rotating and output power.

The types of pistons include diesel piston, gasoline car piston, generator piston, farm machinery piston and general-purpose piston.

Because pistons working in the high speed, high pressure and high temperature of the hostile environment, so the piston must have enough strength and stiffness, expansion coefficient is smaller, weight is lighter, wearing resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity should be better.

The materials of pistons

The materials of pistons include cast iron, cast steel, and aluminum alloy, of which cast iron is the most common materials.

The castability of cast iron is good and it has enough strength and stiffness, expansion coefficient is smaller, and good wearing resistance and corrosion resistance.
Moreover, the cost of cast iron is lower, but its weight is heavy, thermal conductivity is smaller, heat absorptivity is about 30% higher than aluminum alloy.

The weight of aluminum alloy is lighter, thermal conductivity is bigger, it has quick heat dissipation, but its strength and wearing resistance are worse, expansion coefficient is bigger, easy for expands and jammed inside in the cylinders.

Production Process

The production processes of pistons are usually included casting and forging.

As for casting process to produce piston, it has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and life time is long. Casting process is fitted for common engine pistons.

As for forging process to produce piston, it has good strength and stiffness. Forging process if fitted for high-performance engines pistons.

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