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The Types of Barbecue Grates Made in China

In China, you could find many types of barbecue grates, such as cast iron barbecue grates, grey iron barbecue grates, stainless steel barbecue grates, and enamel barbecue grates, etc.

Cast iron barbecue grates

Cast iron barbecue grates are very useful in cooking. The corrosion resistance and heat-resistance of cast iron are very good, and it is very strong, so its useful life is long.

Grey iron barbecue grates

The material of barbecue grate is usually grey iron, or called as gray iron. The wear resistance of grey iron is good, grey cast iron is cheaper. Some clients may require to add some Cr (chrome), Ni and Mo alloys to improve its anti-fire property.

Stainless steel barbecue grates

Stainless steel has higher toughness, and it has alloying elements chrome. The chrome makes stainless steel to have higher corrosion resistance. It is not fade and deformed, and it is easy to clean.

Enamel barbecue grates

Enameling is painting inorganic glass enamel on the metal surfaces. enamels can prevent metal rust. Enamel barbecue grates can make the barbecue food to keep the original nutrition. Its appearance is beautiful. Enamel products are not only non-toxic, but also easy to clean.

Surface coating requirements

Since the grates are used for barbecue food, so the surface coating can not use normal anti-rust painting or oil, but need to use the vegetable or chicken oil. These oils are organic and non-toxic.

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