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What is abrasion resistant cast iron ?

Abrasion resistant cast iron, we can also call it wear resisting cast iron. A certain amount of hardening phase distribute in the cast iron matrix which makes it not easy to wear.

1. Types of Abrasion resistant cast iron

Abrasion resistant cast iron can be divided into antifriction cast iron and anti-wear categories.

The former is working with lubricant, and adhesive wearing. Such as machine tool guide and carriage, large gearbox of tractors and so on.
The latter is working in the absence of lubricant, and abrasive wearing, such as nut, sleeve and so on.



2. Antifriction cast iron

There should be hard phase distributing in the soft tissue matrix, so after wearing ,soft substrate can form trench to make the film conducive to lubricate, withstand hard phase.

Thin sheet of gray paralytic cast iron can basically meet this requirement. Ferrite matrix is the soft matrix, cementite is the hard phase, and graphite can be as the role of storing oil and lubricating. In order to further improve the wear resistance of pearlitic gray cast iron, we can add the right amount of Cu, Cr, Mo, P, V, Ti and other alloy elements into the cast iron.

Commonly used alloy antifriction cast iron is high phosphorus cast iron, it contains 0.4% to 0.7% of phosphorus. In the main post, P can form Fe3P eutectic hard skeleton. So it can improve the wear resistance of cast iron effectively. Another is phosphor bronze titanium antifriction cast iron.

3. Anti-wear cast iron

Anti-wear cast iron should have a uniform high hardness. Common White cast iron is a kind of wear iron. Because of its brittleness, we often add an appropriate amount of Cu, Cr, Mo, W, Ni, Mn and other alloy elements to increase its toughness and higher hardness and wear resistance.

3. Development of Abrasion resistant cast iron

Recent years, many iron foundries in China have successfully developed a kind of good toughness and strength cast iron. According to the experience of Dandong Foundry in China, by adding 5% to 9.5% manganese into the cast iron, the amount of the silicon is controlled between 3.3% and 5.0%. By some treatment such as controlling the cooling rate, we can obtain large amounts of residual austenite carbide, martensite and spherical graphite organization, with high wear resistance.

With the improvement of the industry, the abrasion resistant cast iron with higher wearing resistance can be developed and used widely.

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