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  Coronavirus Influence on Metal Foundries in China  

At present, China has started to resume work and production normally, including our Dandong Foundry.

Due to the Coronavirus, the orders of foreign customers have been decreased gradually. So we have received few orders in recent months.

The current prices of steel castings and iron castings are still stable, and have no big change for now.

We are expecting that the exports will be very small in the coming July, August and September. The foundries, which are mainly engaged in foreign trade, may be closed on Saturday and Sunday. Some small foundries may be closed for a long time. However, the larger foundries can still be maintained.

The annual output of our Dandong Foundry is 15,000 tons, and 30% have been exported to the United States, Italy, Australia, Germany etc. So in the current situation, we have been affected seriously too, but we can still maintain the normal production.


Dandong Foundry Casting Production after Coronavirus


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